Building Your Online Profile Part II

Author: Frank Bourke

Date: 16/11/2013

The first thing is to create your website or alter an existing one with suitable banners and graphics. This is the first impression that a new customer will get of your business. The content needs to be clear and concise and reflect who you are and what you are selling correctly.

As I mentioned in Part I you have to know your target market. Here is where we have to consider what your unique selling point is (UPS). This is something that you can offer that your competitors don't and can be used as leverage in attracting sales. e.g. When I am repairing laptops or pc's for my customers I allow themto call me on any issues that can be resolved over the phone Free Of Charge and I will give them the time that they need. Customers have greatly appreciated it.

From a marketing perspective you need to fully incorporate your UPS into the content.

After creating a new website or altering an existing one we need to create a Buzz. This is where Social Media comes into its own. Here You need to create a facebook page for your business. If you dont have one I can be of assistance in setting it up. On the page all of your products or services can be advertised as you fill in the details and post a notification about our new website and a link to it. This should also be done on Twitter and Linkedin and google+. The purpose of Social Media is to keep your Business in the spotlight and grow your sales and customer base in the future.

Regular Posting with text and pictures is essential along with engaging feedback. 

Your Overall aim should be to become part of community where you have something to bring that is of value and substance to that community whether they are online, local or both. In this community you should reach new customers who will purchase from you thus increase your cash flow. The best of luck with your venture.


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