Date: 25/10/13

As we all know today being in business is very difficult, and for those who are in business I am sure that you will all agree with me.

If you are in business or are considering setting up in business One hopes to have somehow stacked the odds of survival in your favour, and that you will make it.

First of all One needs to be certain that they have got their marketing mix correct (i.e the FOUR P's 'Product' 'Price' 'Place' and 'Promotion').

The Key To Survival is constant cashflow. To achieve this is to have constant sales.

Having spent twenty years in Business myself I understand the importance of this.

In todays climate we need to be prepared to work longer hours, Chase up leads, Listen to our Customers, and their complaints,and engage them sufficently and get feedback

Customer Satisfaction is paramount and their dealings with you should be a positive experience for both you and them. Hopefully in their Satisfaction they will use you again and

tell others about you and reccommend you. Word Of Mouth Is the Best form of advertising and is free.

You might consider promoting online using your own website and various social media. At this point it is important to get your digital

marketing strategy right. What one has to remember, is that they are promoting two things,

First their Product or Service.

Second Their Actual Business. (i.e. Your Brand)

This is where I will be discussing various techniques on how to create and boost your Online Profile in Part II.

Along the way I will also be referring to useful articles in tweakyourbiz which makes for good reading, and has

relevant something for everybody.

Hopefully I can be of assitance to You.


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