5 Reasons and Ways to keep your Laptop/Pc Fully Serviced and Up to Date

Author: Frank Bourke

Date: 17-12-2014

1. Keep Your Anti-Virus Up to Date:

We all hear about so many threats, from Hackers, Viruses, and malicous Software out there at the minute. This means that all of our Personal Data, Password, Email and Internet Accounts can be comprimised. Personal Data becoming comprimised can be a nightmare to say the least. Keeping your Anti-Virus up to date and running regular scans will help to keep you protected as well as keeping your Pc/Laptop functioning properly. As Pc's become infected they can become slow and unresponsive as well as having problems booting up.

There are plenty of Anti-Virus options out there. Two of my favourites are Avast and AVG.

2. Keep Your Operating System Up to Date:

Microsoft and Apple release updates for their operating systems every few weeks. Windows XP is no longer supported. These Updates will also help to proctect you from malicous software as Microsoft release security updates for Internet Explorer. Mircosoft also release Hardware Updates for drivers such as Graphics Card, Sound Card, Network card etc.  Keeping your OS up to date will help to keep your Pc/Laptop running properly and smoothly.

3. Back up you Files:

Hard Drives in Pc's /Laptops can be prone to failure. They can fail instantly where your computer fails to boot up. If your harddrive becomes unreadable revovery of your data by a recovery specialist can be expensive, not to mind the inconvenience and sentimental photos that can be lost.

I advise people to back up their data regularly, by right every day or once a week. When it comes to backing up data people have two choices.

  (a) Cloud Backup either Google Drive, Dropbox, or Microsoft Onedrive. With Microsoft first 15 Gigs are free. 

  (b) External Hard-drive. You can also plug an external Hard-drive into your laptop and backup either using the windows utility or manually. Iomega manufacture good extenal hardrives.

4. Keep Your Hard drive Clean:

If You are like me every so often the Hard-drive can become cluttered with temp files and temporary internet files which have no value. It is better to keep these files deleted. This can be done quite easily.

To delete the temp files Click [Start] in the search type '%temp%' Press [Enter]. The folder with all the temp files opens up. Select them all, Right Click and Delete.

To do a Disk cleanup Click My Computer. Right Click C: Drive and Properties. Click Disk Cleanup. If you want to keep automatic sign in for passwords on websites untick the passwords and form data boxes.

5. Remove any unwanted or Expired Software from your Computer:

Sometimes People install software let it be games or otherwise that are trial versions of the software but expire after 30 days. You may have no intention of purchasing this software, but even after it expires it runs away in the backbround slowing down your Pc/Laptop. It is better to uninstall these programs and it can be done quite simply.

Click Start -> Control Panel -> Programs and Features.

Here you can see a list of programs installed. When you see the ones you don't want click on them and then click Uninstall at the top.

Never Uninstall anything else as your Operating System may not function properly.

I hope that You found this article useful and that your use of laptops and pc's will be enjoyable and produvtive. If you have any Queries or questions email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I will be running a special Offer in the new year starting January 15th till March 15th 2015 where I will do a full service and tune up that will cover all the work mentioned above on laptops or Pc's for just €40.



Understanding Twitter and Making it Work for You

Author: Frank Bourke

Date: 17/02/2014

I have decided to this article on twitter and explain how it works. Notice how twitter has become very popular with TV Shows such as X Factor,Big Brother etc. People are Tweeting comments and giving feedback during the show. Trending topics capture moments that consumers care about most.

Promoted Trends help marketers position themselves at the top of twitter trends for 24 Hours at a time and this exposure to twitter trends turns twitter users into brand advocates. This makes tweeters more likely to speak about a brand and to retweet its messages.

This is the general idea behind maximising brand exposure. For those of you who have never been on twitter before I am now going to explain a few simple terms to get you started. [Read More....]

Building Your Online Profile Part I.


Author: Frank Bourke

Date: 25/10/13

As we all know today being in business is very difficult, and for those who are in business I am sure that you will all agree with me.

If you are in business or are considering setting up in business One hopes to have somehow stacked the odds of survival in your favour, and that you will make it.

First of all One needs to be certain that they have got their marketing mix correct (i.e the FOUR P's 'Product' 'Price' 'Place' and 'Promotion').

The Key To Survival is constant cashflow. To achieve this is to have constant sales.

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Building Your Online Profile Part II.

Author: Frank Bourke

Date: 16/11/2013

The first thing is to create your website or alter an existing one with suitable banners and graphics. This is the first impression that a new customer will get of your business. The content needs to be clear and concise and reflect who you are and what you are selling correctly.

As I mentioned in Part I you have to know your target market. Here is where we have to consider what your unique selling point is (UPS). This is something that you can offer that your competitors don't and can be used as leverage in attracting sales. e.g. When I am repairing laptops or pc's for my customers I allow them to call me on any issues that can be resolved over the phone Free Of Charge and I will give them the time that they need. Customers have greatly appreciated it. [Read More...]



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