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I provide Training for individuals who wish to become more active in promoting their business or service on social media. This includes  Facebook and Twitter Instagram and pinterst. Social Media is an effective tool for Driving Traffic to your website, Promoting your website and business. Promoting Special Offers, gaining followers and turning them into customers.

To make effective use of Social Media you must define your Target Audience. Facebook has more than 600 million Users and anyone can easily research exactly how many people on Facebook fit into whatever targeting criteria he or she desires free of charge. Let it be by Location, Interests or Workplace. On Twitter your target audience is based around what people are actually saying. Suppose your are a car mechanic and you type into the search bar in twitter car breakdows, You can see a list of all the people who recently had car trouble.

These are important things to bear in mind when starting out in Social Media. If you are totally new to all of this begin by getting yourself signed up on facebook and twitter. Have a look at some of your local organizations or businesses. See what they are doing. If you wish you can like their pages or posts and start following them. In turn they may start following You.


A 4 Hour training session per individual costs €120. Group discounts available.


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